1st Annual Westlock Community Foundation’s AGM: Success


Westlock, June 29, 2023- The Westlock Community Foundation proudly announces the successful completion of its highly anticipated 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 28, 2023. The AGM proved to be a resounding success, demonstrating the foundation’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and community engagement.

One of the standout features of the AGM was the exceptional level of member engagement witnessed throughout the event. Dedicated supporters, donors, and community members turned out in significant numbers, reflecting the deep-rooted trust and support the Westlock Community Foundation has cultivated within the community. Their active participation underscored the shared commitment to advancing the foundation’s mission of empowering positive change.

“The overwhelming member engagement at our 1st Annual General Meeting was truly inspiring. It reaffirms the strong bond we have built with our community and serves as a testament to their belief in our mission,” stated Wayne Peyre, Board Chair of the Westlock Community Foundation. “We are grateful for the continued support and commitment of our members, whose active involvement drives our ability to make a lasting impact.”

The AGM commenced with a compelling address by the Board Chair, highlighting the notable accomplishments and impactful projects undertaken in the past year. Attendees were presented with a comprehensive report showcasing the foundation’s successful initiatives and contributions made to various community causes. The transparent and accountable nature of these presentations further solidified the foundation’s strong bond with its members.

“Our AGM provided a valuable platform to celebrate the achievements of the past year and share our vision for the future,” said Katie Robertson, Executive Director of the Westlock Community Foundation. “We are immensely grateful for the trust and support of our members, whose commitment enables us to continue making a positive difference in our community. Together, we are building a stronger and more vibrant Westlock and area.”

Integral to the AGM was the review and subsequent approval of the audited financial statements. The Westlock Community Foundation has upheld a steadfast commitment to fiscal responsibility, ensuring that donor funds are managed ethically and efficiently. The comprehensive financial reports were subjected to rigorous scrutiny by members, reaffirming the foundation’s commitment to transparency and responsible financial stewardship.

In addition to financial matters, the AGM facilitated the appointment of the Board for the year 2023. The election process showcased fairness, impartiality, and active member participation. Members were provided with the opportunity to nominate and vote for individuals who would guide the foundation toward achieving its goals in the coming year. The newly appointed Board comprises a diverse group of individuals with varied expertise, reflecting the foundation’s dedication to inclusivity and broad-based representation.

The success of the 1st Annual Westlock Community Foundation’s AGM sets the stage for a promising future. Armed with the unwavering support of its engaged membership, a solid financial foundation, and a capable Board, the foundation is poised to make an even greater impact on the Westlock community and its surrounding areas.

Looking forward, the Westlock Community Foundation remains committed to its mission of enhancing the lives of community members through strategic grant-making and proactive community engagement. By nurturing collaborative partnerships and empowering local initiatives, the foundation continues to be a catalyst for positive change.

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