About Us

The Community Foundation is a public foundation serving the community of Westlock, and surrounding communities including those within the Westlock County, and the Village of Clyde.

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Foundation Overview

The Westlock Community Foundation is an organization for the community, by the community. What started as a generous gift, for the purposes of community building, culminated in the creation of a permanent endowment fund that would serve the people of Westlock forever. 

We do this by managing charitable gifts from donors, whose generosity allows us to create permanent, income-earning endowment funds. The income generated by these funds is distributed to the charities our donors wish to support. In doing so, the Community Foundation helps charitable organizations succeed in building the community of Westlock and the region.

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Mission and Values

Our Mission:

Westlock Community Foundation is dedicated to building and strengthening our community, inspiring people, and impacting our future. Our purpose is to empower and encourage people to invest in our community.

Our Values:


Board of Directors

  • Wayne Peyre, Board Chair
  • Tammy Round, Director
  • Brian Trueblood, Director
  • Dr. Jim Lawrence, Secretary
  • Ralph Leriger, Vice Chair
  • Debbie McCoy, Director
  • Simone Wiley, Director
  • Tina Viney, Treasurer
  • Perry Kulmatyski, Director

Our Members

  • Dr. Magali Benard 
  • Reint Boelman, Jr. 
  • Deneen Ducharme 
  • Clem Fagnan 
  • Colin Felstad 
  • Sarah Hayward 
  • George Hodgson 
  • Blair Kneller 
  • Kerri Lee Kostiw 
  • Maureen Kubinec 
  • Dr. Jim Lawrence (Director)
  • Ralph Leriger (Director) 
  • Susan Littlechilds 
  • Debbie McCoy (Director)
  • Steven Meinczinger 
  • Steve Miller 
  • Laura Morie 
  • Vance Nakonechny 
  • Chelsea Pellerin 
  • Wayne Peyre (Director) 
  • Rilayna Pidsadowski 
  • Tammy Round (Director) 
  • David Schuster 
  • Teri Smerychynski 
  • Brian Trueblood (Director)
  • Christine Villeneuve 
  • Tina Viney (Director)
  • Simone Wiley (Director)
  • Randy Wold 
  • Renda Zadunayski
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Katie Robertson - Executive Director 

With over 18 years of experience, Katie Robertson is a dynamic, creative, and strategic leader committed to community development. Her diverse skill set, strong decision-making abilities, and passion for fostering growth and innovation set her apart.

Katie's leadership approach is rooted in empowerment, exemplified by her dedication to helping others rise to their full potential. Her proficiency in business development, data analysis, and project management has proven to be a valuable asset to those she collaborates with.

A graduate of the public relations program at Guelph-Humber and with additional communications education from Athabasca University, Katie has successfully translated her academic background into leading and developing numerous successful initiatives. Her journey has evolved into a meaningful and progressively challenging career.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Katie is deeply involved in community service as an active volunteer and contributor. She has founded various community empowerment groups and played a role in the political sphere as both a consultant and elected official. This background has equipped her with a sound understanding of government relations and advocacy work.

In addition to her roles, Katie is a podcast host and freelance writer, focusing on social and climate justice issues. Her commitment to making a positive impact extends into both her professional and personal life.

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