Driving Towards a Brighter Future: The Learning and Literacy Fund


In the heart of Westlock, a community known for its resilience, a small but significant transformation began with the establishment of the Westlock Learning and Literacy Fund. This fund was born from a generous gift from the Westlock Literacy and Learning Centre, a place that has been a beacon of hope for many in our town.

The legacy of this fund is more than just a financial contribution; it symbolizes the unwavering spirit of this community and the commitment to help those who need it most.

One such story of resilience shines brightly in the life of Mark* (name changed to protect anonymity), a man who had faced his fair share of challenges. Struggling to make ends meet, he found himself at a crossroads, looking for a way to provide a better life for his family.

Mark had always dreamt of being a truck driver, a profession he believed would provide the financial stability his family needed. However, the cost of training and acquiring a commercial driver’s license was beyond his means. That’s when he heard about the Westlock Learning and Literacy Centre.

The Centre provided an opportunity for people like Mark to access training, free of charge. It was a chance he couldn’t pass up. Mark applied, and with the support of the Westlock Literacy and Learning Centre, he embarked on the journey towards his dream career.

Mark’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. The training was intensive, demanding countless hours of study and practice, but he pressed on. His determination and dedication were fueled by the hope of a brighter future for his family.

After months of hard work and with the invaluable support of his instructors, Mark successfully obtained his commercial driver’s license. He was now a certified truck driver, and the world of opportunities opened up before him.

With his new profession, Mark was able to secure a job with a local trucking company. The steady income allowed him to provide for his family, ensuring they had a comfortable life. Mark’s story is a testament to the transformative power of what the Westlock Learning and Literacy Fund will have, which will not only change individual lives but also uplift the entire community.

The legacy of the Westlock Literacy and Learning Centre will continue through the fund, providing opportunities for people to turn their dreams into reality. As we celebrate Mark’s success and the continued legacy of the Westlock Learning and Literacy Fund, it is a reminder that even in the face of adversity, our community stands strong, ready to support one another on the path to a brighter tomorrow.

To learn more about the fund, to give, or to apply for funding please contact us and we will email you more information.