Elevating Impact: Introducing the Level Up, Capacity Building Series for Not-for-Profits

WCF Level Up Series 2024

In a world where not-for-profit organizations are increasingly crucial yet face mounting challenges, continuous learning and adaptation become essential tools for success. It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new initiative—the Level Up, Capacity Building Series. This series is designed to empower not-for-profit teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their operations and maximize their impact.

Why Capacity Building?

Capacity building in the not-for-profit sector involves developing sustainable skills within organizations, enabling them to better fulfill their missions. This can range from improving fundraising capabilities to enhancing operational strategies and everything in between. By investing in capacity building, organizations not only strengthen their internal structures and processes but also boost their resilience against an ever-changing landscape.

About the Series

Our Level Up, Capacity Building Series kicks off with three meticulously planned workshops, each focused on a fundamental aspect of not-for-profit management:

  • Capital Campaigns 101 (June 26, 2024): Dive into the essentials of planning and executing successful capital campaigns. Learn strategies to engage donors, secure major gifts, and reach your fundraising goals.
  • Writing Grant Proposals 101 (August 7, 2024): Discover the art and science behind crafting compelling grant proposals that stand out. Gain insights into what funders are looking for and how to effectively communicate your organization's value and needs.
  • Government Relations 101 (October 9, 2024): Understand the dynamics of interacting with government bodies. This workshop will cover how to effectively advocate for your cause, understand policy impacts, and build beneficial relationships with governmental entities.

Meet the Expert

Leading these sessions is Catherine Keill, CEO of Keill & Co., a seasoned expert with a deep understanding of not-for-profit management. Catherine’s extensive experience and dynamic approach to teaching make her the perfect guide for these workshops. Her insights and practical advice are invaluable resources for any not-for-profit looking to advance its cause.

Join Us

We are offering these workshops free of charge to local not-for-profit organizations. This is a fantastic opportunity for teams to come together, learn from a leading expert, and take away practical strategies that can be immediately implemented.

Whether you’re looking to kickstart a new funding campaign, elevate your grant writing skills, or navigate the complex world of government relations, the Level Up series has something to offer. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your organization and magnify your impact.

To register or find out more about the Level Up, Capacity Building Series, please visit our website. Let's level up together and create lasting change in our communities!

The launch of the Level Up, Capacity Building Series marks a significant milestone in our commitment to supporting the not-for-profit sector. By focusing on key areas of growth and development, we aim to foster a community of learning and success. Join us in this journey to empower and enhance not-for-profit organizations across the board. Together, we can rise to the challenges of tomorrow.

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