Celebrating the Spirit of Service: National Volunteer Week at Westlock Community Foundation


This National Volunteer Week, we at the Westlock Community Foundation are taking a moment to pause and reflect on the remarkable contributions of our volunteers. These dedicated individuals are the unsung heroes of our community, embodying the spirit of giving without expecting anything in return.

The Impact of Volunteering

Volunteering is more than an act of charity; it's a core part of our community fabric. At the Westlock Community Foundation, our volunteers play a crucial role in everything we do. From organizing local events to helping out in our various programs, they bring enthusiasm and expertise that enrich our initiatives. Their efforts not only support our organizational goals but also foster a stronger, more connected community.

A Week of Gratitude

National Volunteer Week is a special time to celebrate and appreciate the tireless work of our volunteers. This year, we’ve seen extraordinary examples of selflessness, with volunteers stepping up to meet new challenges amid unprecedented times. Whether it’s adapting to virtual platforms to continue our programs or initiating community support projects, their resilience and adaptability have been nothing short of inspiring.

Stories from the Heart

One of our standout volunteers, Teri S., has been with us for over a year. She started as a participant in one of our community workshops and quickly expressed her desire to help others. Her journey from attendee to volunteer showcases the transformative power of giving back. Teri is now a member of the granting committee, providing valuable skills and support to others.

Similarly, Jim L., a retired Veterinarian, has been instrumental in setting up our governance framework. His dedication to nurturing the Foundation's success exemplifies the profound impact that one person's commitment can make on the lives of many.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To all our volunteers: thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm, and compassion. You are the heart and soul of the Westlock Community Foundation. We are incredibly grateful for each of you and your contributions. You not only help us achieve our mission but also inspire others to think about how they, too, can make a difference.

This National Volunteer Week, we salute you, our everyday heroes, for all that you do. Your generosity lifts our community and brightens lives. Here's to you—our volunteers, our foundation, our future!

We hope this celebration inspires and reinvigorates both current and potential volunteers. If you're inspired to join or want to learn more about our programs, please contact us at the Westlock Community Foundation. Together, let's continue to build a community that cares.