Welcoming New Neighbours: Bringing People Together for a Better Community. New Initiative and Funding Available!

Newcomer Initiative - 2024

In the heart of every community lies the potential for incredible unity, diversity, and growth. Recognizing this, the Westlock Community Foundation is excited to announce a new initiative designed to embrace and promote inclusivity, community development, and anti-racism efforts in Westlock, Westlock County, and the immediate surrounding areas. This initiative marks a significant step forward in our journey towards creating a more inclusive, tolerant, and vibrant community for all its members, especially new immigrants and those from ethnocultural backgrounds.

Why This Initiative?

Despite the picturesque charm and allure of rural living, many newcomers find the transition challenging, battling isolation and feelings of exclusion. This project is our response to these challenges. It's more than an initiative; it's a commitment to fostering connections, nurturing community development, and ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background, feels welcome, respected, and valued.

Antiracism is not just a concept but a fundamental practice for building a thriving community. It aligns with our vision of an inclusive and tolerant society where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated. This initiative is about turning that vision into reality.

Our Goals

The Westlock Community Foundation aims to:

  • Facilitate collaboration among stakeholders, including local organizations and ethnocultural communities.
  • Create opportunities for meaningful interactions and engagement among diverse community members.
  • Foster an environment of social interaction and understanding across all community segments.
  • Promote a culture of inclusion that ensures everyone feels welcome, valued, and heard.

Funding and Participation

To kickstart this journey, we have earmarked $50,000 to support organizations and groups eager to join us in this mission. We welcome applications from all ethnocultural groups, organizations, and individuals working with or for these communities. Whether you are directly linked to an ethnocultural group or support such communities, your contribution is invaluable.

Applications are open from April 15, 2024, to June 7, 2024. This is an invitation to become part of a movement aimed at weaving the fabric of our community stronger, more colorful, and inclusive.

Impact and Benefits

By investing in educational materials, workshops, integration programs, and community dialogues, we aim to bridge divides and build connections. These resources and initiatives are designed not only to ease the integration of new immigrants but also to empower all community members to participate in anti-racist efforts actively.

This initiative is for everyone: from the approximately 1,500 people identifying as racialized or Indigenous in our region to the broader community, and beyond. It’s about creating a legacy of unity, understanding, and shared responsibility.

How to Get Involved

We are at a pivotal moment where your action can foster lasting change. To apply or learn more about how you can contribute to or benefit from this initiative, www.westlockfoundation/initiatives. Let’s join hands to build a community where everyone is welcomed, valued, and connected.

Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities for growth, understanding, and unity. Join us in this vital mission to make Westlock and its surrounding communities a beacon of inclusivity and community spirit. Let’s build bridges together—for today and for future generations.